Cindy Dyson


About Me

I am fascinated and challenged by the visual range of emotive expression. While depicting the everyday in my work; I contemplate the bittersweet preciousness of life. Texture – Colour – Subject – Purpose; What fullness to be discovered in these values.  I offer up a spectrograph of my 21st century Canadian female experience. 

The paint applied varies from the thinnest watery whisper of colour to the thickest boldest swathes. Texture is created with tools that include fingers, spray, palette knives, kitchen/garage gadgets, and brush. The gentlest colour is explored amidst the most assertive. Subjects are common but as I paint an awareness and understanding of life and place begin. Viewers often express a desire to touch the rich texture of the paint.

In response to this request my creative adventure has expanded into the fabric medium. Quilts are touchable and personal. I treasure each step in the process – design, stitching, and quilting. Fibre wall art, not quite as intimate as a quilt, bridges the gap between the paintings and quilts. Heavily textured paint evolves into the soft fabric medium rich with stitching. Again, the texture of the work beckons the viewer to touch. 

Whether the product is a painting, quilt or fibre wall art I am driven to discover the emotive spectrum of each medium. I am equally enamoured by 19th century Impressionist paintings and the coziest of quilts from Grandma.  All are fine art and all are practical and useful. And if I look, there is always more to learn.

Cindy (BFA) is a Canadian artist born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1968.  She lives in Oakbank, Manitoba with her husband Bill (m. 1989) and their dog – Albert.